10 Signs A Baseball Player Is At Risk for a Shoulder or Elbow Injury

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Dr. Fields
November 8, 2021

One of the most important things a young pitcher can do to avoid a serious shoulder or elbow injury is to listen to his body.  Pain is not normal! Pain is your body telling you that something is wrong! When your body talks to you…..Listen to it!!!

While many professional and college level pitchers are able to pitch through some mild pain and discomfort, it is not recommended for young pitchers. Players at higher levels have years of experience and strength training to help them compensate, but they also are at significantly higher risk of injury when pitching through pain.

Use the list following list to help identify when a player may be at higher risk for an arm injury, or simply just needs some time off from throwing.

If a player is experiencing any one of these symptoms, then they likely need some rest and recovery.  If a player is experiencing multiple issues below, then they  should be evaluated by a Sports Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer to identify any potential injuries or issues.

1.    Pain of any kind when pitching

2.    Pain over the inside of the elbow during or after throwing

3.    Pain in the shoulder when lifting arms above the head

4.    Unable to fully bend or straighten the elbow after pitching

5.    Arm feels heavy during or after throwing

6.    Takes longer than normal to get loose

7.    Takes longer than normal to feel fully recovered after pitching

8.    Fatiguing faster than normal on the mound

9.    Drop in velocity

10.  Numbness or tingling in the arm or fingers

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